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Lighting is an essential element of the modern "Smart Home". With a wide choice of controllers available, DIATEC AV can create any mood in your home with the touch of one button. Incandescent, halogen, flourescent, and LED can be mixed and matched to provide the appropriate lighting in any room for any circumstance. Special scenes can be created and controlled from wall switches, remote controls, timers and even remotely from the internet. Automatically control lights from dim to bright, on and off, as you come home, leave for an evening on the town, when you watch a movie, or even a random pattern for when you are away on vacation. Use motion control for stairways and hallways to avoid fumbling for a switch. Lighting control systems will also switch off lighting to conserve energy or when you forget to.

Let DIATEC AV elegantly simplify your life with lighting that complements and beautifies your home.

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