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Wiring is perhaps the least understood aspect of electronics system design, but it is the most important. Wiring is the backbone of your electronic systems. Mistakes made during the wiring phase of any project can lead to a multitude of problems, not always easily rectified. DIATEC AV makes careful design calculations, uses only quality wiring products, and follows industry wiring guidlines during installation to ensure secure connections and long term reliability. Also, because of the rate at which technology changes, we will often recommend additional conduit runs to supply future unobstructed pathways for new wiring protocols mandated by the changes in equipment design.

Another commom issue in homes today is the wiring cabinet. This a location in the home from where much of the electronic systems signals are distributed. The combination of telephone, cable, satellite, CCTV and computer network are routed to this location, but often worked on by the different providers of those services who are only interested in getting their systems working. All your systems may work, but the result is unsightly and unprofessional, and difficult to service. At DIATEC AV, our expertise in all these areas allows us to re-engineer this cabinet so all wiring is neatly contained and easily serviceable.

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